Uncompromising a curse or reality?

Ever run into a situation with a very determined mind?  I am guilty of that.  What happens when the uncompromising mind takes over your whole mindset?  It can lead to trouble that feels as if there is a curse nagging at your every movement. The reality is that when you encounter a person who has an uncompromising mentality, you rarely win the issue brought to point.

Take a toy a little one has. They can be relentless in sharing and turn quickly into a very uncompromising mindset.  Until it is explained to them that not sharing is not the right choice etc.  We all with kids have encountered that once or twice. Usually the words spoiled or unruly get thrown around (within parents conversation) but until the child understands and puts into action what they learned they will continue with the “mine” attitude.

What happens when it’s an adult? That’s a tough one. When you encounter a unyielding one sided mindset you start hearing words like selfishness, single-minded and stiff-necked. What if this single-minded adult can’t see the reality? One way is to set boundaries on the conversation. Explain you will gladly talk about this, but not that.  If we cross the boundary the conversation is over. You could say thank you and terminate the subject. A tactic that is easier said then done.  It may make you a bit uncomfortable, but once you implement it, it will be better for both parties.  Better yet just change the topic. When dealing with single-minded people you have to see that they look at themselves as the “I” person.  I’m dealing with a situation right now where there is discord and a huge uncompromising mindset.  I have to remember that I can’t control other people, just myself.  Even though the first words like dumb, unnecessary, naive, cowardly, and stupid come to mind, ultimately they will continue to do and be single-minded.  When they realize it’s only hurting the people they surround themselves with this junk and though it feels like a curse, it is definitely reality. Pray, laugh, live!





Author: Just me 💖

My display name says it all. Just me means just that. What I write is meant to inspire, build up, and promote confidence in people; like myself whose lived a tribulated life and still manages to keep moving forward. There are ways to keep moving forward when times are grim or happy. My blog I thought about for years. What would I write about? Why would anyone want to read it? What could I possibly say to anyone to make life a bit easier? Would anyone care? Well, I'm here, I'm writing and the rest is up to you. All I ask is that if you disagree with anything I write, pm me. I ask you to treat me and my words how you would want to be treated if you were writing this. Nothing written is about anyone, as is just a reflection of my thoughts. As always let's build one another up!!💕

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